AKVIS Noise Buster

AKVIS Noise Buster 8.0

Quickly reduce noise from your digital photos


  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Sliders for controlling parameters manually
  • Real-time previewing


  • No other graphic editing features included

Very good

AKVIS Noise Buster is a useful tool that makes unsightly blemishes and other noise disappear from your photography.

In the old days one of the main concerns for photographers was coarse, grainy film images. Today's digital photos, on the other hand, are largely often foiled by 'noise' caused by pixellation, which adversely affects the clarity of the image.

As a result, many noise reduction tools have sprouted up, such as AKVIS Noise Buster. The program analyzes photos and corrects the offending pixels without strongly impairing the picture.

AKVIS Noise Buster gives you the ability to correct photos automatically or tweak the individual parameters manually via several sliding controls for both color and brightness noise. Thanks to real-time previews you can instantly gauge the effect the changes will have. AKVIS Noise Buster's blend of automatic and manual tools means that AKVIS Noise Buster is great for both amateur photography hobbyists and those who are more well versed in the art of photo manipulation.

Unfortunately, without any other features the program is a little barren. It does its job well but doesn't add anything extra in terms of photo editing.

AKVIS Noise Buster is an easy-to-use tool that'll help reduce the level of noise in your digital photos no matter what your experience level happens to be.

AKVIS Noise Buster reduces both luminance and color noise on digital images without spoiling other aspects of the photo. Now your photos look neat and accomplished. The automatic settings usually give a good result.

If not quite satisfied, you can tweak the parameters observing the changes in real time in the preview window. The plug-in's window shows Before and After images for comparison. You can switch between the windows with a click on the image. Separate setting areas for luminance and chroma noise allow you to deal with each kind of noise in the most efficient way. For further adjustment you have a few advanced parameters at your disposal.

AKVIS Noise Buster


AKVIS Noise Buster 8.0

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